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Acrylic rod, acrylic pipe, acrylic shaped pipe rod matching processing

One-stop plastic product customization

You have needs, we have solutions, Jiaji plastic always meet your customized needs
  • Selected Material

    Imported materials, purity is 20% higher than domestic, transparency is 15% higher, 10 years do not change color and do not yellow

  • Shape Customization

    Circles, ellipses, squares, rectangles, polygons, shapes

  • Be good at quality

    High temperature resistance, UV resistance, 3-5 years without deformation, not easy to change color, both environmentally friendly and beautiful
  • Jiaji Plastic Products Display

    Laying, engraving, polishing, hot bending, drilling


    Four advantages of Jiaji let you choose us at ease

    Adhering to the strict control of quality process, fast and fast delivery and competitive prices for the concept

    Complete Automation Equipment

    Complete automation equipment injection molding output worry-free
    Among them, the mold workshop has milling machine, lathe, grinder, wire cutting, spark machine, CNC and other mold processing equipment. Production equipment is fully automated, can meet the needs of mass production, product production quality control, delivery cycle is guaranteed.
    Service hotline: 0086-755-84691899

    Strong and experienced

    Has more than ten years of plastic products processing experience
    12 years of entrepreneurial process and management, has a perfect quality inspection system, condensed a number of excellent management team and technical backbone.
    Service hotline: 0086-755-84691899

    Quality Guaranteed

    Strict quality management system to ensure product quality
    Testing equipment is complete, full-time quality management team follow up, help quality worry-free
    Service hotline: 0086-755-84691899

    Good service, timely after-sales

    One-stop pre-sale, sale and after-sales service
    Implement the normal management mechanism of standardized production, standardization and programming, gradually enrich the product system, and provide plastic products service solutions for our customers.
    Service hotline: 0086-755-84691899

    Jiaji plastic application case

    Good products, of course, more people choose, Jia Ji and many enterprises to establish good cooperative relations

    Why choose Jiaji Plastic

    Focus on plexiglass tube (acrylic tube), PMMA, rod, plate, etc
  • 咨询下单

    Product quality assurance
    To provide quality products, product quality as a guarantee premise
  • 生产加工

    Perfect service guarantee
    To provide you with perfect pre-sale consultation, distribution and after-sales maintenance services
  • 质检发货

    Strength manufacturers are more reliable
    Can provide customers with design, development, production, sales and service integrated solutions
  • 售后跟进

    Customer reputation recognition
    The company has served hundreds of companies, the recognition of customers
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    Shenzhen Jiaji Plastic Products Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen Jiaji Acrylic Products Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of acrylic (PMMA)/PC pipes and rods, as well as special-shaped pipes and rods; And provide supporting processing (laser, carving, polishing, hot bending, drilling, etc.). The company has strong technical strength and advanced equipment, adhering to the principle of "quality first, customer first", and strictly controlling the quality and delivery time of products. The product has successfully entered the construction, furniture, lighting, hardware, and acrylic product industries around the world.

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  • 12y

    Supporting processing of plastic products
  • 1000

  • 80W

    Annual sales volume
  • Jiaji plastic exhibition display

    Used in wine rack, product display table, acrylic hemisphere all kinds of decorations and so on
    • Exhibition disp
    • Exhibition disp
    • Exhibition disp
    • Exhibition disp

    Jiaji plastic news center

    Pay attention to Jiaji plastic dynamics, learn more about the plastic products industry information

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